We have the following Farmer’s Markets lined up for the 2022 season and are looking to add one more.

We’ll have our Artisan Hot Sauce, BBQ Sauce & Salsa, as well as our hand-turned bowls & pens and our hand-made wood gift boxes and caddies. We’ll also have fresh Hot Peppers available as soon as we start harvesting in July or so.

We look forward to seeing you all again, we’ve missed you!

Tacoma Sunday Market – Sundays, 10-3, Starting June 5th

Lakewood Farmer’s Market – Tuesdays, Starting June 7th

Steilacoom Farmer’s Market – Wednesdays, Starting June 15th


2022 – 3 trays, 4th one not shown

2022 planting is going well. After an amazing 2021 we have loads of peppers in stock so are only growing a few of the production peppers and a lot of new varieties. Most likely a lot of the 2022 pepper harvest will be sold as Fresh Peppers starting in July or so .. maybe earlier on some varieties. We’ll have them packaged up and available at the Farmer’s Markets and mail order as well. This year we planted:

Jabba da Hutt * Sugar Rush Red * Bahamian Goat * Ghost * Reaper * Devil’s Nagabrain * Scotch Bonnet * Aji Mango * Jay’s Peach Ghost Scorpion * Naga Bengal * Naga Viper * Jalapeno * Dragon Breath * Death Spiral * Bane Strain Peach * Komodo Dragon * Hatch (Mild & Hot) * Primotali * Chocolate Reaper * Chocolate Bhut * Primo x Purple Bhut.

There may be a few more, we’ll see.

If interested in Fresh Peppers this Summer follow the website & Facebook/Instagram, come see us at a Market (will announce which ones as we get closer. For sure @tacomasundaymarket, likely Steilacoom Farmers Market, hopefully Gig Harbor as well) or shoot me an email.

Thanks and here’s to warmer weather!

Steve & Kathy

Well, it seems the 2021 season just ended but it’s time to plant for 2022 already. Hot Peppers can be very slow to get going so we have to start early. We had a ridiculous harvest last year, and still have lots of peppers in stock.We’re also adding Primotali, Naga Bengal & Jalapeno to the grow this season, as well as growing more Death Spiral, Dragon’s Breath & Bane Strain Peach after last year’s success. Some or all of these may become new sauces!

Hard to believe this humble beginning can, and likely will, become this:

Also, the new website is fully up and running so be sure to check that out. I’ve added all the wood pens I have in stock and will be turning more soon. I also have more Bowl Blanks coming soon and will be turning some lovely wood bowls to add to the site. Woods include: Maple, Madrone, Bloodwood, Yellow Mora, Myrtle & Claro Walnut. Fun times in the Wood Shop to shake off this icky weather.

We still have a full stock of Hot Sauce, BBQ & Salsa available online, including the amazing Jamaican Jerk Sauce. We even have a few Gift Boxes and Caddys left, though those went really fast during the Holidays. But don’t worry, we’ll be making more!

Thanks again and hope you all have a great new year!

Steve & Kathy