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Stephen Mashburn

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Wow, what a season this is going to be. It’s always a balancing act figuring out when to plant for the next season. Hot Peppers are traditionally slow to start so it has to be early. I’ve been too early and too late in the past. Too late being worse since the season can end before they really produce .. a big waste. But too early can create issues as well as plants can get too big for the Greenhouse and the weather is still too cold to move them out. 

I don’t believe I will be too late at all this year, my starts are doing amazingly well. Here are the better starts of the 120+ transplanted into Solo cups. There are still another 80 or so in the Jiffy pellet starter trays.

For perspective, the first pic is from 1/1/2019.

Jan 1st seedlings start to emerge ..
Jan 29th, oh my!!

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