Happy New Year


We here at Tahoma Spice Company want to wish all of you the best in the coming year. It’s a been a tough one for many and our thoughts are with all of you. We’re really looking forward to the Tasting Parties, Farmer’s Markets and other events that got put on hold during these tough times.

Being home more has allowed me to focus more on the Business and things are looking really good for the future. I will be retiring from my ‘day job’ (construction) May 1st and going to full time as Pepper King .. I can’t wait! I have lots of new products and merchandise planned and know many of you will be really excited about these items.

I’ll be posting more on the Farmer’s Markets we plan to attend, and the Tasting Parties we will be offering as we get closer to Spring/Summer.

I’ve also set up a Patreon Account and will be offering Memberships to those interested in supporting our business more directly. Patreon is an American membership platform that provides business tools for content creators to run a subscription service. It helps creators and artists earn a monthly income by providing rewards and perks to their subscribers.
Check out http://patreon.com/tahomaspice for more info.

Thank you all for your amazing support over that last year and here’s to better times ahead!

Stephen (Pepper King)

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