Wow! The 2019 grow season has started off really rough. Not warming up or drying out near as fast as last year .. Grrrrr! And while I had virtually no sign of Aphids (the pepper grower’s nemesis) last year, this year they are back with a vengeance. I am finally getting a grip on them but we’ll see a big difference in this years production. A number of growers in the area are experiencing similar issues. Luckily it takes few peppers to make Hot Sauce, especially when they are these SuperHots, so we’ll still be brewing up lots of great Hot Sauce for our many fans!

Our Dorset Naga, Green Ghost & Jigsaw Hot Sauces have been very popular as have the new varieties I’ve been sampling out. The Faces XX, a very hot recipe, has been especially popular, as has the Jabba da Hutt, Bahamian Goat & Sugar Rush. I’ll be adding most if not all to the production line this year. I’m also working on a Devil’s Tongue recipe that will be Triple Hot, eclipsing the Faces XX for the Hottest sauce we have.

We’ve also added some heavy hitters this year like the legendary Carolina Reaper (Hottest Pepper in the World) and the Purple Reaper. Also a number Scorpion varieties like Apocalypse Scorpion, Leviathan Gnarly Scorpion and Jay’s Peach Ghost Scorpion and Red Ghost Scorpion. These are all of a much different flavor profile than our current products so that’s very exciting.

We’re also working on a BBQ Sauce, spicy of course, and a canned Salsa to add to our product line.

Keep it Spicy Tacoma!


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