I bought a Smoker recently, my first. I got it initially to smoke the Pork Butts and make Pulled Pork for our upcoming Tasting Party. But I’ve also been wanting to smoke some Hot Peppers for a new Hot Sauce.

Well, last week I smoked my first peppers, Bahamian Beast hot peppers, and they came out great. I made up a test batch of Hot Sauce with them and it has been an overwhelming success. I’m adding it to my my production sauces and will have it available soon. Watch for it, you won’t want to miss out on this one!!

Smoked Bahamian Beast Hot Sauce

At Tahoma Spice, our handcrafted artisan hot sauces are a flavor filled exception to your typical hot sauce.

Our Smoked Bahamian Beast Hot Sauce is a Hot, Smokey, Tangy Sauce with an serious kick.
It’s made with ‘Bahamian Beast’ Peppers grown and smoked at our Pepper Farm here in Tacoma WA.


Kathy A.“This is the best one yet!”

Kyle M.“The Smoked Bahamian Beast is my favorite hot sauce so far! Keep up the awesome work!”

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