So the new Tahoma Spice Company website is up and running. Finished, for the most part, but aren’t they always a work in progress. Super excited about the new look. We’ll be adding a lot of new products soon as well.

The three Salsas we’re adding have been really popular so far. The Sugar Rush (mild and sweet with Pineapple and Peach) has opened up a new customer base .. those who don’t really care for things HOT! The Peach Ghost Scorpion (hot with Peach and a Ghost/Scorpion Hybrid Pepper) is definitely Hot, and oh so tasty! The Carolina Reaper (Hot Hot Hot, no fruit, but amazing flavor) is VERY HOT but super flavorful. I love this stuff, it’s the perfect balance of heat and flavor.

We’re up to 12 Hot Sauces now, the newest being the Island Ghost. It’s the first Hot Sauce where we’ve added fruit. Combining the infamous Ghost Pepper with Pineapple and Mango creates a sweet island treat with a serious kick! We also created our first Red Carolina Reaper Hot Sauce, today in fact, and it is a beast! Very Hot for sure but a wonderful flavor. The Reaper will be available very soon.

We’ve also gotten into Woodturning lately. A stretch for a Spice Company you might think, but not so. Our hand-made wooden Gift Boxes are a big hit for Birthdays & Holidays, so we thought hand-turned Pepper Grinders for our Super-Hot Pepper Flake would be a perfect addition. Then we thought hand-turned Wood Bowls for Salsa, with a larger one for chips, would be great .. so you see where this is headed. We decided to set it up as a separate business though we’ll sell these new products through the Tahoma Spice Company as well. The new business is Tahoma Woodcraft,, though we’re just getting started with production. We’ll update you as things progress over there.

Lastly I want to shout out the amazing Mark Miller at “Accents by Nature” who will now be helping me by starting many of my pepper plants in his awesome facility. Marks plants are always a cut above others and it’s a joy to be working with him. I’ll still be growing and harvesting all the plants here at Tahoma Spice, he’ll just be helping with the difficult seed starting process. Check him out at the Proctor Farmers Market this Spring/Summer. (


Stephen (Pepper King)


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