New Tasting Party Service!

Our Tasting Party/Grand Opening Event held at the RAIN Urban Kitchen last year was a huge success. We made a lot of Sales that day, but more importantly introduced a lot of people to our products .. and that has created some wonderful relationships as well as sales. We realized we needed to get our products in front of more people so they could taste and experience it. We’ve been thinking about other ways to make that introduction which can be hard this time of year without the Farmers Markets.

So we decided to take our Tasting Party on the road, so to speak. When I mentioned this to Brandon & Michelle Green, friends and very active customers, they were all in. We had our first “Home” Tasting Party recently at their home in Tacoma. We brought all the Hot Sauce, Salsa & BBQ Sauce, plus samples of some of the new things we’re working on: hand-turned exotic wood bowls, spice grinders, and pens. We set up the Hot Sauces, Salsas & BBQ Sauces to sample while the Hosts were readying the food, a wonderful array of Taco fillings and sides. 

Everyone had fun tasting all the Sauces, working from “Mild” to “Oh My That’s Spicy”, so they knew which to use on their food when the time came. Later on, guests were able to purchase items … with discounts available on most everything. As a business we did very well, as a friend and pepper lover we had an amazing time and met some truly wonderful folks. I can’t thank Brandon and Michelle enough for this wonderful opportunity to share our passion with like minded folk.



We are available for Tasting Parties at your home too! Our product line is always evolving, but we currently have: 13 varieties of Hot Sauce, 3 Salsas, and 2 BBQ Sauces. Our website has a listing of all products and descriptions of each at:

Thanks! Stephen “Pepper King”



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