Hi Folks! Hope your New Year is starting off well. Things are really Booming here, it’s going to be a great year.

First we’re making a lot of changes to the web page. The new Theme was kind enough to create three informational Blog Posts, and anyone connected or following us got them as well .. sorry about that. I didn’t know it was going to do that. 

We have 12 Hot Sauces, 2 BBQ Sauces and 3 Salsas now, and have ideas for some other new items. In addition to our lovely Wooden Gift Boxes, we’ll also have some Hand Turned Wooden Salsa Bowls & Pepper Grinders, Exotic Cutting Boards and more. The Holiday Season this year is going to be amazing!

Thanks again and watch for more info!

Stephen “Pepper King”

btw, the online store is fully functional during the website upgrade.

Pages vs. Posts


If you’re new to WordPress you may be wondering what’s the big deal behind Pages and Posts. At first glance they appear to be one and the same: if you were to create either a new page or a new post you’d be presented with nearly identical interfaces and in many cases the public appearance of pages and posts will look the same.

Don’t let this fool you. There’s a very fundamental difference between the two and that difference is what makes CMSs, like WordPress, great platforms for integrating blogs with traditional websites.


Think about the kind of pages that make up a typical website. Most often you’ll see pages like “Home”, “About Us”, “Services”, “Contact Us”, etc. Within WordPress these are often treated as Pages; documents that have no particular regard for the time they were posted.

For example, when you visit the “About Us” page of your favorite company’s website you don’t expect the content to be very different from what was available there a week ago.

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A blog, like any other customer facing aspect of your business, communicates your brand. If it isn’t maintained and given proper attention, people will notice. Post regularly and keep your content fresh. Give your audience a reason to visit often.

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Went to our first Farmers Market Saturday in Silverdale, it was awesome. We did really well and Kathy and I met lots of wonderful folks. We, as usual, weren’t great about taking photos .. we’ll get better .. but here are a few. Note all the Mini-bottles in the first pic .. and that half were sold out by the later pics. The BBQ Sauce went really fast as well, especially the Spicy Mango BBQ. I can hardly keep that one in stock.

Thanks to all my customers for their support and encouragement, and to my awesome wife, partner and best friend Kathy for all she does to make our Branding and Presentation so beautiful!

The Pulled Pork at our Grand Opening Tasting Party yesterday was a huge hit! I smoked 2 – 8 lb Pork Butts for Pulled Pork Sliders to accompany the 20 lbs of Grass Fed Colvin Beef for the street tacos. Both were a huge hit but apparently I needed more pork, it was gone halfway through the event. I had another 8 lb Butt thawing but ran out of time and room in the smoker.

Also sold out of the Smokey Mango BBQ Sauce early on and the Aji Amarillo BBQ Sauce by the end of the event. I will be making more this week! Really thrilled with the response to my line of BBQ Sauces .. I’ll have to come up with another new recipe soon!

So I’m smoking the Pork today, along with a rack of ribs I had thawed out. Gotta do what you gotta do! 🙂

I bought a Smoker recently, my first. I got it initially to smoke the Pork Butts and make Pulled Pork for our upcoming Tasting Party. But I’ve also been wanting to smoke some Hot Peppers for a new Hot Sauce.

Well, last week I smoked my first peppers, Bahamian Beast hot peppers, and they came out great. I made up a test batch of Hot Sauce with them and it has been an overwhelming success. I’m adding it to my my production sauces and will have it available soon. Watch for it, you won’t want to miss out on this one!!

Smoked Bahamian Beast Hot Sauce

At Tahoma Spice, our handcrafted artisan hot sauces are a flavor filled exception to your typical hot sauce.

Our Smoked Bahamian Beast Hot Sauce is a Hot, Smokey, Tangy Sauce with an serious kick.
It’s made with ‘Bahamian Beast’ Peppers grown and smoked at our Pepper Farm here in Tacoma WA.


Kathy A.“This is the best one yet!”

Kyle M.“The Smoked Bahamian Beast is my favorite hot sauce so far! Keep up the awesome work!”

Sam and I cooked up 48 bottles of Hot Sauce today, 32 of it Jigsaw!! We also came up with a new recipe using the amazing Devil’s Nagabrain Pepper (1.5 million scoville .. Hotter than Ghost Peppers). Smoked Paprika and some Chipotle Powder provided and amazing smokey flavor!! Coming soon ….

Devil’s Nagabrin
Sam keeping things organized and moving along .. she’s a Pepper Hurricane!!!

Today’s Work!!

Wow! The 2019 grow season has started off really rough. Not warming up or drying out near as fast as last year .. Grrrrr! And while I had virtually no sign of Aphids (the pepper grower’s nemesis) last year, this year they are back with a vengeance. I am finally getting a grip on them but we’ll see a big difference in this years production. A number of growers in the area are experiencing similar issues. Luckily it takes few peppers to make Hot Sauce, especially when they are these SuperHots, so we’ll still be brewing up lots of great Hot Sauce for our many fans!

Our Dorset Naga, Green Ghost & Jigsaw Hot Sauces have been very popular as have the new varieties I’ve been sampling out. The Faces XX, a very hot recipe, has been especially popular, as has the Jabba da Hutt, Bahamian Goat & Sugar Rush. I’ll be adding most if not all to the production line this year. I’m also working on a Devil’s Tongue recipe that will be Triple Hot, eclipsing the Faces XX for the Hottest sauce we have.

We’ve also added some heavy hitters this year like the legendary Carolina Reaper (Hottest Pepper in the World) and the Purple Reaper. Also a number Scorpion varieties like Apocalypse Scorpion, Leviathan Gnarly Scorpion and Jay’s Peach Ghost Scorpion and Red Ghost Scorpion. These are all of a much different flavor profile than our current products so that’s very exciting.

We’re also working on a BBQ Sauce, spicy of course, and a canned Salsa to add to our product line.

Keep it Spicy Tacoma!


I’ve moved my Websites from GoDaddy to DreamHost, and wow I’m happy. What an amazing company. Way more bang for the buck and everything I need included .. no more “xtra” charges!! It may take a few days to get it fully dialed in, but we’re up and running.

Thanks, Steve