Hot Pepper Guide

Cooking & Using Hot Peppers



Hot Peppers, it’s what’s for dinner!

For some, the idea of cooking with Hot Peppers, especially SuperHot Peppers, has little appeal. But for those who enjoy some spice in their food and understand these Hot Peppers, it is an absolute joy. Using the right pepper in the correct amount is the answer for success.

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Hot Pepper Scoville Rating

The ‘Hotness’ of a pepper is indicated by its Scoville Rating which goes from 0 (zero) in the Bell Pepper to over 2 Million in the Carolina Reaper. You can use any pepper in your dish, just use the right amount. I make my Chili Recipe (1 lb burger, 2 cans tomatoes, 1 can beans, bell pepper, onion etc.) using 1 Bahamian Beast Pepper ( 500K Scoville) and it is just right for us; mildish for me and hot enough for Kathy. If I use a Dragon’s Breath (2 M Scoville) I can only use 1/4 of a pepper or it will be way too hot for Kathy. Once you learn your Scoville Tolerance you can try out different peppers without making your dish too hot or even too mild. All our fresh peppers are packaged separately and labeled with their Scoville Rating.

Hot Pepper Storage

Our peppers, like any fresh pepper, only last so long after they are picked. Refrigerated they last maybe a week or so before they get soft. The better option is to freeze them right away. It is highly likely you will dice super fine or even puree your peppers before adding to your dish. This ensures the flavor, and heat, is equally distributed throughout the dish. If you chop an extreme pepper, like the Reaper (2 M Scoville), and you get a big chunk in a bite, it will be like eating a raw pepper .. and most folks would never want to experience that.
When you freeze the peppers it also breaks down the tissue or fibers so when thawed it is very soft and purees really well. It is what I do for all my Hot Sauces, Salsas and BBQ Sauces. You can rinse them or not before freezing. You’ll want to rinse them before use either way.


The Heat is Not in the Seeds! Inside the pepper is a white substance called the pith or placenta where the seeds are formed. There is also an oily liquid there that is the Capsaicin, that is where the heat is. You can, and should in most cases, remove the seeds for mostly aesthetic reasons. You can scrape out the Pith to remove some of the heat though I see no reason to. If you want it milder, just use less pepper. The easiest way to remove seeds/pith is to cut peppers in half lengthwise and scrape the seeds out with a spoon. Make sure to use gloves when handling peppers. Getting that Capsaicin in your eyes or on other ‘sensitive’ areas can be extremely painful, though it should only last 10-15 min … but it can be a long 10 min.

Feel free to email me with any questions, and Enjoy!

Happy New Year


We here at Tahoma Spice Company want to wish all of you the best in the coming year. It’s a been a tough one for many and our thoughts are with all of you. We’re really looking forward to the Tasting Parties, Farmer’s Markets and other events that got put on hold during these tough times.

Being home more has allowed me to focus more on the Business and things are looking really good for the future. I will be retiring from my ‘day job’ (construction) May 1st and going to full time as Pepper King .. I can’t wait! I have lots of new products and merchandise planned and know many of you will be really excited about these items.

I’ll be posting more on the Farmer’s Markets we plan to attend, and the Tasting Parties we will be offering as we get closer to Spring/Summer.

I’ve also set up a Patreon Account and will be offering Memberships to those interested in supporting our business more directly. Patreon is an American membership platform that provides business tools for content creators to run a subscription service. It helps creators and artists earn a monthly income by providing rewards and perks to their subscribers.
Check out for more info.

Thank you all for your amazing support over that last year and here’s to better times ahead!

Stephen (Pepper King)

While we’re still not getting out to Tasting Parties, Farmer’s Markets, and other venues, we do have plenty of product in stock. Order some today and we’ll send it right out. Buy 4 and get 20% off. That more than pays for the shipping. and as always I’ll throw in some kind of sample .. you never know what. (but it’ll be tasty!)

Choose from 13 Hot Sauces, 2 BBQ Sauces and 3 Salsas .. mix and match.

Also, keep an eye out for our Jamaican Jerk Sauce coming soon .. it is amazing!!


Thanks and take care!!

Steve (Pepper King)

New Tasting Party Service!

Our Tasting Party/Grand Opening Event held at the RAIN Urban Kitchen last year was a huge success. We made a lot of Sales that day, but more importantly introduced a lot of people to our products .. and that has created some wonderful relationships as well as sales. We realized we needed to get our products in front of more people so they could taste and experience it. We’ve been thinking about other ways to make that introduction which can be hard this time of year without the Farmers Markets.

So we decided to take our Tasting Party on the road, so to speak. When I mentioned this to Brandon & Michelle Green, friends and very active customers, they were all in. We had our first “Home” Tasting Party recently at their home in Tacoma. We brought all the Hot Sauce, Salsa & BBQ Sauce, plus samples of some of the new things we’re working on: hand-turned exotic wood bowls, spice grinders, and pens. We set up the Hot Sauces, Salsas & BBQ Sauces to sample while the Hosts were readying the food, a wonderful array of Taco fillings and sides. 

Everyone had fun tasting all the Sauces, working from “Mild” to “Oh My That’s Spicy”, so they knew which to use on their food when the time came. Later on, guests were able to purchase items … with discounts available on most everything. As a business we did very well, as a friend and pepper lover we had an amazing time and met some truly wonderful folks. I can’t thank Brandon and Michelle enough for this wonderful opportunity to share our passion with like minded folk.



We are available for Tasting Parties at your home too! Our product line is always evolving, but we currently have: 13 varieties of Hot Sauce, 3 Salsas, and 2 BBQ Sauces. Our website has a listing of all products and descriptions of each at:

Thanks! Stephen “Pepper King”




New Website, Blog Subscriptions & More!


Really excited about all the new things going on here at Tahoma Spice Company. The new website has really come together well. I’m very excited about the new “Subscriptions” feature.

Subscribing to the site will do several things. You’ll receive any new Blog Post via email as soon as it is published, ensuring you don’t miss out on any news you might be interested in. I can also send out updates about the website and other news that doesn’t warrant a Blog Post.

We will also be offering special sales and offers to our subscribed members exclusively. 

You can of course unsubscribe at any time.

Also, watch for more info on the new Tasting Party service … coming soon!

Thanks! Stephen “Pepper King”

So the new Tahoma Spice Company website is up and running. Finished, for the most part, but aren’t they always a work in progress. Super excited about the new look. We’ll be adding a lot of new products soon as well.

The three Salsas we’re adding have been really popular so far. The Sugar Rush (mild and sweet with Pineapple and Peach) has opened up a new customer base .. those who don’t really care for things HOT! The Peach Ghost Scorpion (hot with Peach and a Ghost/Scorpion Hybrid Pepper) is definitely Hot, and oh so tasty! The Carolina Reaper (Hot Hot Hot, no fruit, but amazing flavor) is VERY HOT but super flavorful. I love this stuff, it’s the perfect balance of heat and flavor.

We’re up to 12 Hot Sauces now, the newest being the Island Ghost. It’s the first Hot Sauce where we’ve added fruit. Combining the infamous Ghost Pepper with Pineapple and Mango creates a sweet island treat with a serious kick! We also created our first Red Carolina Reaper Hot Sauce, today in fact, and it is a beast! Very Hot for sure but a wonderful flavor. The Reaper will be available very soon.

We’ve also gotten into Woodturning lately. A stretch for a Spice Company you might think, but not so. Our hand-made wooden Gift Boxes are a big hit for Birthdays & Holidays, so we thought hand-turned Pepper Grinders for our Super-Hot Pepper Flake would be a perfect addition. Then we thought hand-turned Wood Bowls for Salsa, with a larger one for chips, would be great .. so you see where this is headed. We decided to set it up as a separate business though we’ll sell these new products through the Tahoma Spice Company as well. The new business is Tahoma Woodcraft,, though we’re just getting started with production. We’ll update you as things progress over there.

Lastly I want to shout out the amazing Mark Miller at “Accents by Nature” who will now be helping me by starting many of my pepper plants in his awesome facility. Marks plants are always a cut above others and it’s a joy to be working with him. I’ll still be growing and harvesting all the plants here at Tahoma Spice, he’ll just be helping with the difficult seed starting process. Check him out at the Proctor Farmers Market this Spring/Summer. (


Stephen (Pepper King)


Hi Folks! Hope your New Year is starting off well. Things are really Booming here, it’s going to be a great year.

First we’re making a lot of changes to the web page. The new Theme was kind enough to create three informational Blog Posts, and anyone connected or following us got them as well .. sorry about that. I didn’t know it was going to do that. 

We have 12 Hot Sauces, 2 BBQ Sauces and 3 Salsas now, and have ideas for some other new items. In addition to our lovely Wooden Gift Boxes, we’ll also have some Hand Turned Wooden Salsa Bowls & Pepper Grinders, Exotic Cutting Boards and more. The Holiday Season this year is going to be amazing!

Thanks again and watch for more info!

Stephen “Pepper King”

btw, the online store is fully functional during the website upgrade.

Went to our first Farmers Market Saturday in Silverdale, it was awesome. We did really well and Kathy and I met lots of wonderful folks. We, as usual, weren’t great about taking photos .. we’ll get better .. but here are a few. Note all the Mini-bottles in the first pic .. and that half were sold out by the later pics. The BBQ Sauce went really fast as well, especially the Spicy Mango BBQ. I can hardly keep that one in stock.

Thanks to all my customers for their support and encouragement, and to my awesome wife, partner and best friend Kathy for all she does to make our Branding and Presentation so beautiful!

The Pulled Pork at our Grand Opening Tasting Party yesterday was a huge hit! I smoked 2 – 8 lb Pork Butts for Pulled Pork Sliders to accompany the 20 lbs of Grass Fed Colvin Beef for the street tacos. Both were a huge hit but apparently I needed more pork, it was gone halfway through the event. I had another 8 lb Butt thawing but ran out of time and room in the smoker.

Also sold out of the Smokey Mango BBQ Sauce early on and the Aji Amarillo BBQ Sauce by the end of the event. I will be making more this week! Really thrilled with the response to my line of BBQ Sauces .. I’ll have to come up with another new recipe soon!

So I’m smoking the Pork today, along with a rack of ribs I had thawed out. Gotta do what you gotta do! 🙂

I bought a Smoker recently, my first. I got it initially to smoke the Pork Butts and make Pulled Pork for our upcoming Tasting Party. But I’ve also been wanting to smoke some Hot Peppers for a new Hot Sauce.

Well, last week I smoked my first peppers, Bahamian Beast hot peppers, and they came out great. I made up a test batch of Hot Sauce with them and it has been an overwhelming success. I’m adding it to my my production sauces and will have it available soon. Watch for it, you won’t want to miss out on this one!!

Smoked Bahamian Beast Hot Sauce

At Tahoma Spice, our handcrafted artisan hot sauces are a flavor filled exception to your typical hot sauce.

Our Smoked Bahamian Beast Hot Sauce is a Hot, Smokey, Tangy Sauce with an serious kick.
It’s made with ‘Bahamian Beast’ Peppers grown and smoked at our Pepper Farm here in Tacoma WA.


Kathy A.“This is the best one yet!”

Kyle M.“The Smoked Bahamian Beast is my favorite hot sauce so far! Keep up the awesome work!”