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30% off these select Hot Sauces until 1/23/22!

Cold got you down? Heat things up with this great sale on 4 of our favorite Hot Sauces. 30% off on Bahamian Goat, Devil’s Tongue, Island Ghost & Red Reaper.

Sale ends 1/23/22!

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Salsa Fest – All 3 for $25

Great time to try out our collection of Salsas

Everyone loves a bargain! We don’t expect our customers to be any different. We are really proud of our new line of Salsas and want you to try them all.

Sugar Rush – Sugar Rush is a sweet mild Salsa with a bit of Pineapple & Peach and loads of amazing flavor. Everyone will like this one!

Peach Ghost Scorpion – Peach Ghost Scorpion is a Sweet Fruity Hot Salsa with real Peach and a wonderful flavor.

Carolina Reaper – Carolina Reaper is a Super Hot Salsa with a touch of sweet & fruity. This one packs a punch!